Elegant Wall Mount LED Light 33GW Brass Finish
June 24, 2019
Swivel Recessed 3.5” LED w/ Polished, Brushed or White Trim, Gen 2
June 24, 2019

Ultra Bright Portable LED Light Bar

The ultimate portable light that continues to produce bright useful light for up to 5 hours on a single charge!

This hand held LED light is Ultra Bright at 600 LUMEN, yet compact at 8.5 inches! Utilizes a 4000mAH Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Includes USB 12VDC charger and cable. Can be mounted using multiple methods or simply set down where you require light.Charged light can be used to power other USB devices such as cell phones. Simply plug the cable from the light into your device.

Light weight at just under 10 ounces! It’s CORDLESS! There are magnets on the bottom so that it can stick to most metal surfaces meaning it is hands free & it comes with mountable metal pads!!

Rechargeable so it is always ready to go when you need it! 1000’s of uses …Galley Light? Emergency light? Need to inspect rigging in the dark?

Takes 3-4 hours for full charge!
Red light indicates charging
Green light indicates fully charged

  • Built-in 4AH Li-Ion battery last approx. 5 hours!
  • Built in on-off switch
  • Magnetic or easy snap in bracket
  • Wide output
  • Standard mini-USB charging


*Actual products may differ from picture.

Input Voltage
3 Watt
1 Year

Li-Ion Battery Portable Light


Natural White



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