LunaSafe Water Activated Transmitter Safety Device Red w/ Transmitter
April 28, 2022
LunaSafe Kit w/ 4 Transmitters & 1 Alarm Receiver
April 28, 2022

LunaSafe Pool/Boat Wearable Transmitter (requires alarm receiver)


Provides Safety for Pools and Boats


Lunasea Lighting has introduced an innovative new water safety device designed for child and pet safety. This complete safety system incorporates improved packaging other devices simply don’t offer, allowing for increased convenience and, most importantly, greater peace of mind. Use with LunaSafe’s waterproof, rechargeable pocket-size alarm receiver to keep track of your loved ones at all times.

  • Water Activated Transmitter
  • Extremely compact, wear on wrist, life jacket or in pocket
  • 5 Year Battery (approx)
  • Locking Wrist Strap for Children
  • Carabiner for easy attach to life vest
  • Velcro Strap for Pets
  • Transmits up to 150ft

*Actual products may differ from picture.

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Battery Type
Lithium Manganese
Charge Method
1 Year


Recessed 3.5” LED COB Light with White SS Trim Gen 3


Water Activated Transmitter

430 Lumen Brushed Trim


Warm White

430 Lumen Brushed Trim


Warm White

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