Anchor Fixture & Flash – ZERO AIS Interference – USCG COLREG 72 & ABYC-A16
June 24, 2019
Single Color BA-15D Navigation LED Light Bulb
June 24, 2019

Tri/Anchor/Flash Fixture – ZERO AIS Interference – USCG COLREG 72 & ABYC-A16

ZERO EMI EMISSIONS for Ultra Sensitive Electronics

Introducing the new LLB-53Bx-01-00 Series Navigation Fixtures that produce NO EMI for the most sensitive equipment. In keeping with AIS advances, Lunasea Lighting has developed a new masthead light that utilizes Active Current Control technology that is only available in 12-volt version. The masthead lamp eliminates all high frequency noise without compromising optical capability or mechanical and electrical specifications.

  • Zero Emissions, won’t affect AIS
  • Ultra-light Weight, only 4.9 Ounces
  • 2 Nautical Mile Light Output with Waterproof Quick Disconnect
  • Anchor Auto-Off Light Sensor During Daylight Hours
  • Two or Three wire hookup


*Actual products may differ from picture.

Installation Video

Input Voltage
12 VDC Systems
4 Watts
3 Year

Tri Color, Anchor and
Emergency Flash, AIS SAFE



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