RF Dimmer – 2 Zone Wall Mount
June 26, 2019
RF Dimmer – 1 Zone Tape Mount
June 26, 2019

LED Chart / Map Light

Don’t get caught in the dark when trying to navigate!

Easy nighttime operation! Once your eyes have acclimated to the dark, too much on-board light can destroy your night vision. Once this occurs, your eyes must re-sensitize. This can take as long as 35 to 40 minutes. When navigating at night, avoid turning on flashlights, spreaders or other bright lights that can destroy night vision, even bright cockpit lights compromise your night vision. Dim the interior lights and turn on your Lunasea chart/map light to the Red LED to reduce reflections!

Our new Nav Station light offers both Red and Warm White in one. Both colors put out plenty of light to read by and it looks elegant too.

The perfect light for night charting or reading. The 3 watt white, wide angle light is comfortable on the eyes and plenty bright while the 1 watt red offers excellent reading capability at night. The 19” heavy duty flex goose-neck offers up the versatility you demand.Attractive, functional and power savings all in one!

Flush Mount Anywhere

Energy Efficient LED’s

High Intensity, Superior Lumen Maintenance

Excellent Viewing Angle: 120 degree

Input Voltage: Runs on 12, 24 and 32 volt systems (Max 45VDC)

Digital Dimming compatible

White – 3 Watt, Red – 1 Watt

  • Red and White Light in One
  • Ultra Bright LED’s
  • Includes built in Switch
  • MTBF: 50,000 hours
  • Optical Glass

*Actual products may differ from picture.

Input Voltage
10-40 VDC
White: 3 Watt
Red: 1 Watt
2 Year

Elegant Wall Mount LED Light 33CW


Warm White / Red

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