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Water Activated
5 Year Battery

Water Activated

Portable Receiver

Transmits to Receiver Providing Loud Alarm and Activates Strobe Notifying you of Child or Pet in Distress.

    Keep tabs on your kids and pets

Lunasea’s Waterproof Transmitters and Receiver take on near the water safety to a whole new level. Choice of transmitters include visual type which emits a comforting blue ambient light providing assurance that all Is Ok. In the event your child or pet should fall in the water an ultra bright white distress strobe automatically activates and the portable receiver produces a loud alarm and flashes a bright strobe.

WARNING: This system is not a life saving system and is not intended to be solely relied upon by user for supervising an area of safety concern. This system is meant to supplement active human supervision of minors. This system is subject to technology shortfalls such as (but not limited to) interruptions in electrical power, battery failure, or radio interference. Always make sure minors are properly supervised by an adult. For more information on pool safety, please see




1) Is the receiver compatible with all transmitters?

a) Yes. All Lunasafe® transmitters work with the receiver.

2) Does the transmitter need to be ‘paired’ with the receiver?

a) No. Pairing is optional.
b) Operating the receiver in the ‘OPEN’ mode, will monitor all transmitters.
c) Operating in the paired mode, will only respond to previously paired transmitters.

3) If the optional pairing mode is used, how many transmitters can be paired?

a) Up to 25 transmitters can be paired to a single receiver.

4) Can transmitters be paired to multiple receivers?

a) Yes. Each transmitter is equipped with a unique key. Receiver will remember paired keys.

5) How long does it take to charge a receiver?

a) Charging with a Qi charger in about 3 hours.
b) After the receiver is fully charged, the Qi charger will shut off, and the ‘Charging LED’ will go off.
c) The receiver can remain on the charger indefinitely.

6) How long does a charge last?

a) Fully charged receiver will last approximately 5 days.
b) A ‘Low Battery” LED will flash when the battery is low, indicting the battery should be charged.

7) How far away can the alarm be heard?
a) The audible “HeeHaw’ alarm can be heard 50 feet away. This may be diminished based on
other ambient noise, such as TV, Music, lawn mower etc.
b) The alarm is loud, similar to a smoke alarm.

Wrist Wearable Transmitter

1) Does the wrist wearable transmitter require charging?

a) No. This device has a builtin 5year battery. The battery is not rechargeable, and is not replaceable.

2) How do you tell if the transmitter is working?

a) Simply wet your finger with water, and touch the two gold colored pins. You will notice a green LED glow in the center of the transmitter.
b) At the same time the receiver will emit a tone, indicating a ‘test’ has occurred.

Transmitter with Strobe

1. Is charging required for the transmitter with strobe?

a. Yes, the transmitter with strobe requires Qi (wireless) charging.
b. A green LED is visible through the top of the transmitter while charging.

c. Lunasafe recommends fully charging the transmitter before use.

2. How do you tell if the transmitter is charged.

a. In general the Qi (wireless) charger will indicate the charging is complete.

3. How long does the battery last?

a. A fully charged transmitter will function for at least 2 hours using the blue LED with an additional 8 hours for the strobe.
b. In idle mode (no LEDs on) the battery will last for ___ days.

4. How do you tell if the transmitter is working?

a. Press the button, and the transmitter will cycle between the LED modes, then off.
b. Simply wet your finger with water, and touch the two gold colored pins. You will notice a green LED glow in the center of the transmitter.
c. At the same time the receiver will emit a tone, indicating a ‘test’ has occurred.

5. Does the transmitter come with a receiver?

a. A Lunasafe KIT will contain a transmitter, receiver and accessories.
b. Extra transmitters are available, and will work with the same receiver.

6. Does the transmitter or KIT come with the Qi charger?

a. No. The Qi charger is available for sale seperatly.
b. Qi charging pads are readily available. Some customers may have this charging pad for cell phones, or other electronic devices.
c. Qi chargers are available in ‘Dual Pad’ useful for charging this transmitter and the receiver, using one USB cord.

Qi (Chi) Wireless Charging

1. What chargers are compatible with LunaSafe products?

a. Standard Qi charging pads will work with LunaSafe products.
b. A horizontal Qi charging pad is required. Sloping or 45 degree angle charger will not work. The receiver will stand up on the center of the pad while charging. (unlike cell phone)
c. Qi charger must be 5Watt or more. Any 5W, 10W, 15W charger will work with Lunasafe.

2. What products require Qi charging?

a. Lunasafe receiver requires Q1 charging. The receiver can be ‘in use’ while charging.
b. Lunasafe Transmitter with Strobe requires Qi Charging.

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