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Hand Blown Glass LED Hanging Light Green / Blue Swirl

High Power LED Pendent with Friction Swivel

  • Built-in Digital Dimming
  • Elegant and Efficient
  • Rod Length: 6"
Hand Blown Glass LED Hanging Light Green / Blue Swirl Photo


We invite you to discover our elegant Europa pendant LED lights. They deliver unmatched natural light that is the smart alternative to energy draining, battery killing and hot halogen bulbs. Europa pendants are available in a variety of beautiful blown glass shades for an extra touch of style and warmth.

The built-in digital dimming option allows our LED Pendent Lights to operated with the Lunasea Lighting professional dimming switch. LED Pendant Lights features Lunasea’s exclusive, friction-swivel base that allows the rod and pendant to move or swing if bumped but stay put when traveling.


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Where to Buy

MSRP: $179.99
Cool White

Technical Information

Input Voltage

10-30 VDC


1 Year


2.25 Watts

Actual products may differ from picture.